Whole Green Lentil :

Green lentils are mainly produced in regions of Canada and USA with varieties such as Lairds, Rich-lea, Easton.

Whole Red Lentil :

These are deep orange from inside and are rich source of protein. Produced in many parts of India, Canada, USA, Turkey and others.

Red Football :

The skin is removed from the lentil, leaving the inside portion of the seed whole (not split). The result is a beautiful intact, reddish-orange polished product. They are high in protein like any legume, bean or lentil.

Red Split :

Lentil is a nutritious food legume. It is mostly eaten as Dall, (split Lentil). The primary product is the speed which has a relatively higher contents of protein, carbohydrate, and calories compared to other legumes and is most desired crop because of its high average protein content.

Black Matpe :

Produced in many parts of Mayanmar, Indonesia, Thiland.
seeds of black matpe are usually smaller then seeds of mungbeans and normally black in color with a raised, white concave hilum. Production of black matpe is not as extensive as for the mungbean. Specific varieties have been developing and are cultivated in India and other countries.
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