About Mayur Global Corporation (MGC)

Company Introduction :

For over a period of 4 decades we have gathered knowledge of the global agriculture market and with major presence in various agro commodity sectors "MAYUR GLOBAL CORPORATION" emerge as a new vertical in the area of International Agri Commodities brokerage.

Our Business Activities :

Mayur Global Corporation offer services as International agro commodity brokerage & consultancy to our prestigious clients.

As consultants we study global market trends, price movements, crop prospectus, weather forecast, government policies plus we also do significant research and analysis of statistical data. This valuable information helps our clients in taking prompts and strategic business decisions. We also provide our foreign clients with comprehensive information about our local market and market worldwide.

As brokers with our dominance in global market we provide excellent business opportunities with best rates and qualities, thereby expanding clients profit product portfolio.

The countries of our focus includes USA, UAE, Canada, Peru, Brazil, Turkey, Myanmar, Australia, China, Ukraine, East Africa( Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Ethiopia).

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Welcome To Mayur Global Corporation... For any query, please contact us on rakesh.kanjani@mayurglobal.com